Friday, October 19, 2012

Mom, The Party Planner

My favorite times are my kids' birthdays. I'm always looking for unique ideas. Of course we have our parties at home so I'm in charge of EVERY detail... Always too over-the-top, I admit, but I love it!

Kids' Party Cakes

Pinterest has really great cake ides.  Check out the ones I've tried so far...

Grey's Rock Star Candy Cake...
This cake is "dirty iced" and Kit Kats placed around the sides.  The top is filled with M & M's and Reese's Cups. 

Anna's  Harvest Party.  This pumpkin cake is 2 bundt cakes with tops touching to form a ball.
The "stem" is made from rice krispie treats covered in green icing.
I piped the vines and put the cake in a "patch" of greenery which was a long vine from the Dollar Tree.
Reid's Swimming Party Fish Aquarium Cake.
Materials:  Blue Gel Icing Coloring,  Nerds (aquarium rocks), green gel icing (seaweed),
Swedish fish and Goldfish crackers

Same idea for aquarium cake (top view)

Reid's Swimming Party Cupcakes
Each one has a different scene...
Teddy Grahams wearing (gel icing) swim trunks,
Teddy Grahams laying on a (fruit roll-up) towel under an umbrella
Goldfish crackers being "caught" with a (pretzel) fishing rod,
and Gummy worms for bait

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