Monday, October 22, 2012

Mom, Creative with Contact Paper

So I bought this fabulous roll of contact paper from TJ Maxx.  It is by MacBeth with a Morracan tile pattern.  Let's see what I can do with it.

Macbeth Collection

On the back of an old shelf in the garage...instant mud room cabinet!

Here's the cabinet "before" the contact paper make-over.

I can make a cover for my laptop...Much cheaper than the cover from the store.
At least it protects it from scratches, and it's super cute.

The colors would match my daughter's room.
A bonus is that it will cover the top of her dresser where she has tested several shades of nail polish.

It worked pretty well on the dresser.  Let's put it on top of the old hope chest in the playroom.
It would be a great TV stand.  (More photos of Playroom Reveal coming soon.)

More Ideas...

  • Cover a light switch plate 
  • Cover a plain white mat in a picture frame
  • Turn a regular baking sheet into a memo board (of course with a cute ribbon on top)
  • Turn a plain cereal box into a magazine holder
  • Cover the inset of plain cabinet door
  • Line the front of plastic storage containers
  • The obvious use- shelf liner and drawer liner

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